Workshop by Paul Murray


Within the second cycle of NELT Educational program was conducted the seventh workshop entitled Improvised of performance. The workshop was led by British actor, director and teacher Paul Murray, and participants had the opportunity to explore in a unique way the power and potential of contemporary performance in direct and immediate contact between actor and observer. Through a series of practical exercises, the workshop provided an insight into the methodology of work in the field of performance and introduced techniques that can one use when it comes to improvisation and the relationship with audience.

Paul Murray is already thirty years professionally engaged in performance within the theater, film and television. His main interests are in the field of spontaneous performance, as well as border areas of performance and theater outside the institutional theater system. His Master's degree in the field of theater, and doctorate in philosophy of art. He is a visiting professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade, the University of Winchester and the Central School of Speech and Drama in the UK. His articles have been published in numerous magazines and books on the subject of theater, drama and applied performance.

Author of photographs: Nemanja Knezevic /