Workshop by Niklas Roy

21-03-2017 to 25-03-2017

The last workshop within this year's NELT Educational Program was presented by the prominent artist  Niklas Roy, who deals with the relationship between art and technology, primarily through the creation of interactive, mechanical installations. Results of the four-day Photon Attack! workshop was presented within the final event of NEP 2016/17 cycle at the Kolektiv gallery, on Saturday, March 25th at 7 PM.

End of March marks the finalization of the second NELT Educational Program, which was realized from May 2016, through the cooperation of Nova Iskra, G12 Hub and NELT company. Special guest of the program is the prominent media artist Niklas Roy from Berlin, who has prepared a four-day workshop in the field of interaction design for the participants, while the results will be presented within the final event and exhibition.

Photon Attack! Is a workshop that provides an opportunity to its participants to work with one of the most important European authors in the field of "media" or "new media" art. The workshop is focused on working with RGB LED lights, which in recent years have become an ever-present visual phenomenon. LED bulbs are everywhere, and they illuminate everything. Through this workshop, the intention is to take advantage of the diverse characteristics of LED strips, through exploring their potentials as well as hacking and modifications that can be used in creative ways. In short - the workshop and exhibition that will be presented as the finale of NEP cycle 2016/17 explore LED light as a material for artistic creation.

Niklas Roy uses art to investigate technology. His research resulted in mechanical sculptures, electrical machines, interactive performances and electronic devices. Before he focused his career in the arts, he worked as a director, 3D animator and supervisor of visual effects for several international film productions. Among his known projects are Pongmechanik (electromechanical reconstruction of the game Pong), My Little Piece of Privacy (robotic curtain), Electronic Instant Camera (which prints images on fiscal thermal paper) or the Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine. Niklas Roy has received numerous awards for his work, while his projects were presented at many exhibitions and festivals, including Nam June Paik Art Center (Yongin-si), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Japan Media Arts Festival (Tokyo), Kikka ( Namur) La Gaite Lyrique (Paris), Experimenta (Melbourne), Ars Electronica (Linz), Elektra (Montreal), Microwave (Hongkong), Transmediale (Berlin), Siggraph (San Antonio / Anaheim), Todays Art (The Hague) prototype (Sao Paulo) and many others.

Workshop results were presented within the final event of this year's NEP cycle on SaturdayMarch 25th at 7 PM at Kolektiv gallery (Karađorđeva 53). On this occasion, the process of the second cycle of NEP was presented, as well as a short film that documents the process in which eight workshops, seven public lectures, a series of study visits and mentoring sessions were held during the entire year.

From April 2016 until March 2017, NELT is organizing the second cycle of its NELT Educational Program for students, in collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. The aim is for the participants to develop practical skills form the domains of design and new media, through teamwork and inspiration that will empower them to turn their ideas into real projects, whose further development may be supported by NELT.