Resonate presents: CLOUDS + The New Black

15-04-2015 to 24-04-2015

An interactive documentary, CLOUDS, presents a portrait of open source creative communities who use the Processing, openFrameworks and Cinder toolkits. Conversations with 45 digital pioneers form a network of stories about invention and discovery. The film is presented as an interactive application where people coexist with code in a hybrid realm and dynamic 3D graphics are used to visualize their ideas and the connections among them.

Biographies of the authors:
Jonathan Minard's films, both documentary and science fiction, examine our dreams of the near future, focusing a lens on the relationship between people and technology. Minard is currently a Sloan Fellow at the Sundance Institute, and has previously worked as a filmmaker and researcher exploring data-driven storytelling through Eyebeam, The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and the US Fulbright Program.
James George is an artist using code to discover creative potential in emerging technology. He applies computational photography to portraiture and interactive storytelling, co-creating an application using depth cameras as cinematic tools called the DepthKit, a technique featured in CLOUDS. James' work has been supported through residencies at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media , Eyebeam and Microsoft Research.


The New Black features work from: 
Alexander Porter, Eva Papamargariti, FIELD, Isabella Streffen, NORMALS in collaboration with V3GA, Rick Silva and Sabrina Ratté. 

Curated by Nora O’ Murchú for Resonate 2015.

In an age of mass communication and collaborative media we are often told that digital platforms provide us with opportunities to empower ourselves and gain control. Tools developed by open source communities offer the resources and means to control aspects of user privacy, browsing behaviour and activities.  
In contrast, the commercial development of technical systems beyond the screen is driven by the economical management of user data. Social platforms track, store and record user actions, emotions and interactions for financial purposes of selling, promoting and delivering a individualised filtered online experience.

Production by: Resonate Festival