Performative installation “Baggage Suite“ / Alejandro Chellet


“Baggage suite” is a performative installation that shows the intimacy, the cultural taste, the ideological and physical baggage of a young international artist and ecologist who is in transit through Europe developing site specific and urban interventions based on his current research about human development and the anthropocene. Alejandro Chellet opens his house, an artist studio in which he has inhabited for a month working on changing the identity of the no place anonymity inside a  hotel environment; a quiet, solitary space completely removed from Serbia’s and Belgrade’s daily reality.

Biography of the artist:

Alejandro Chellet is a multidisciplinary artist working with the misplaced core principles of coexistence that result in the loss of connection with Nature cycles that we live on the political and environmental context of urban societies. His performance practice incorporates the audience, public space, architecture and mainly focuses on raising awareness that the bodies we all inhabit belong to Gaia, a broader organism, a planetary ecosystem that makes it possible for us to have a body made of earth, living minerals and powered by sunlight. Currently his work is shown in the Americas and Europe, particularly developing exhibitions, performances and urban interventions projects in cities like New York, London, Sao Paulo and, Mexico City.