Miao Jiaxin Studio massage parlor in Belgrade


Miao Jiaxin Studio's setup in Ostavinska Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2017.

Miao Jiaxin Studio is an one-person studio based in New York City, meanwhile it travels. It has been devoted itself to making business ideas/models as an art form in economic, social, cultural or other contexts. In Jail’s Seeking Prisoners, it built a Cage in a Brooklyn residential house, then charged $1 per night on Airbnb. In Blind Meeting, Miao Jiaxin studio provided a cosy livable space for 2 virtual friends actually meeting and living. In We Share Possible, Miao Jiaxin Studio sponsored street performance artists with brandless sneakers for one year, and collected their broken used shoes.

In the new project Massage, Miao Jiaxin Studio’s new business is to provide one-to-one service. It considers that the most alike performance art in life is Service, that is absolutely tied with time, space and body. In such intimate business performance, Miao Jiaxin Studio erases the physical distance between the artist and the participants, and minimizes the emotional distance with the trust in person, as well as the trust in the internet reviews on its Google Business page. In Massage, Miao Jiaxin studio is also intrigued with the idea of switching the roles between the artist and the audiences, while the ones participate are naked and vulnerable, not able to see or watch, however the other one who performs is seeing, watching, observing and examining.

Welcome to Miao Jiaxin Studio! The full hour professional massage service is provided for free, in exchange for your reviews on Google, as the documentation of the performance/service/business.

*Please Google “Miao Jiaxin Studio Massage” to read the reviews