Lecture by Uroš Krčadinac


Second public lecture from the cycle of NELT Educational program presentedour  outstanding digital media researcher, lecturer, writer, Illustrator, a software engineer and cross-media artist Uros Krcadinac. Through lecture "How to access your education if you want to become the author of the digital epoch", Uros explained avenues of creativity and art, as well as the issue of education of the so-called authors in the digital sphere no matter what kind of media content deal - video games, film, interactive books , comics, visualization of data ...

Uros Krcadinac was born in 1984 in Pancevo. In his work he seeks to link the experience in the field of computer science, visual arts, literature, animation, and interactive design. As a lecturer at the Department of Digital Arts Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, he is teaching Programming for artists and designers, and interactive design. He is in a process of defending his doctorate at the University of Belgrade (FON, the Laboratory for Applied Artificial Intelligence). His work is recognized at international art festivals and scientific conferences such as American International Digital Media and Arts Association, as well as scientific journals such as IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing and the IEEE Transaction on Human-Machine Systems.

Author of photographs: Nemanja Knezevic / www.nk.rs