Lecture by Škart Collective


In the second cycle of NELT Educational program Škart Collective was presented to the participants of the program. Through an interactive presentation and open discussion, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with some older projects of the Collective, but also newer productions and analyze them together. In addition, members of the Collective initiated a discussion on the topic of sharing, collaboration, demystification of art, but also about the importance of errors in the process of artistic creation.

Collective ŠKART was created in 1990 in the graphics studio of the Faculty of Architecture. This team deals with poetry, graphic design and alternative education. The first decade, (1990 - 2000) marked the samizdat and sharing on the streets. In the second decade (2000 - 2010), the group raises several collectives: Horkeškart and Proba choirs, children's choirs Children with months and AprilZMAJun and youth-retirement hor HOR-RUK and anti-fascist Choir UHO (united choirs). Since 2010, the team was more involved in working with children (in a foster home Vera Radivojević in Bela Crkva) and pensioners.

Author pf the photographs: Nemanja Knezevic / www.nk.rs