Holly Leisure / ANA Elizabet

10-11-2015 to 20-11-2015

At Ana's first solo exhibition in Belgrade audience had the opportunity to see some of the light installations created in the period from 2005 to 2014, as well as the documentary “More Light”, directed by Uros Zivanovic on the work of breathing? set in Savska Street in Zagreb (2011/2012) and realized in the framework of the Ars Publicae / 1POSTOZAUMJETNOST. The exhibition also includes a video presentation of realized and unrealized works in the public space, bringing the photographic documentation, drawings and conceptual proposals yet another insight into the author's artistic practice and the problem of looking to the medium of sculpture and its expressive possibilities, and thinking how art facilities can respond to the context of common urban spaces, articulate and shape their functioning. - Miroslav Karic

Biography of the artist:

ANA Elizabeth was born in Zagreb in 1969 and graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She had numerous solo and group exhibitions. She did numerous art projects in public space in Croatia and  Austria. She was rewarded by Theodor Körner Foundation (1998) and Meisterschulpreis (1988). She lives and works in Zagreb.