Graduate performance Trigger by Slavica Dolašević

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Artist Slavica Dolašević about her graduate performance "Trigger":

"Performance “Trigger” originated as an outcome from continuous dreams I had, in which I was dead and could not reach the people close to me from the “living” world. In theneed of finding out when and how I have “died”, I’ve come to the discovery during the tidying up of my apartment. As I was finishing the ritual of housework and other “must do” tasks, I thought that it was high time to spend some time with myself and the people I love... And then I would realize that I only have strength to fall asleep. That situation was repeating for more than a year and gave me a false sense of security. My whole energy was spent on repetitive tasks that were never-ending. Unconsciously, I was delaying my life, and my subconscious was trying to tell me through dreams that I was dying and getting distant from all that I loved. One morning I woke up and saw my coffin waiting for me, and realized that it was waiting for me the whole time.
With this performance I want to present my ritual with an ending that wouldn’t be assumed at first, in hope that it will reach the core of everyone who attends it – that this ritual will be trigger to them, as it was for me. I want my performance to be a reminder and a warning – we don’t want a big injury or accident to happen, as it usually happens, only to realize that we are wasting our lives, ignoring what’s important in our existence. 
In today’s world of social evolution and communication though social network it is easy to be deceived that we are living the life that’s tangible, real and emotional. It’s difficult to wake up from that state, once we are entangled in the whirlpool of phantasms. And in the end we will realize that we have missed out on so much love."

Music by Katarina Ranković 

Slavica Dolašević, born on 28th of October in 1990, is a graphic designer and photographer by profession. She graduated from Faculty of Arts and Design on Graphic design and visual communications department. During the studies, she mostly worked in the fields of photography and painting. She was exposed to the impacts of multimedia, combinations of dance and interactive animations, which later led her to performance, physical theatre and experimenting in fields of Contemporary Dance, Butoh, and aerial acrobatics.
Some of the artists she worked with as a performer and co-author are: Svetlana Đurović (FiguraElementaria), Natsuko Kono (Urban Butoh Timelines, Butoh Shirotokai), Sanja Cvrkotić (Adaptation), Sonja Petrović (Everyman), Marta Jovanović / PerformanceHUB (Deathwish, Trigger), Miao Jiaxin (Wind), IvanaRajić, Cirkusfera…