Graduate performance Healing by Katarina Rankovic


Graduate Performance by Katarina Rankovic entitled “Healing” participant of PerformanceHUB program was held in the Gallery Haos and represented her idea about emotion in the space. The performance invited the audience to participate and to share the emotion with the artist in a given area. The movement of the audience in the room clearly was limited by performer's dress. Music track that followed the performance represents the piece produced by the artist. In this way, the artist has created two spaces - public, which was created by the dress, and personal which represented the music work by the artist.


Katarina Rankovic is a pianist. She has performed as a soloist and member of chamber ensembles in major halls such as Kolarac, Gallery Progres, Gallery Artget, Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade Student Cultural Center, UK '' Vuk Karadzic '' in Belgrade. She has received many awards, she is socially engaged, and she is a winner of many national and international scholarships. Inspiration and driving energy for performance art woke her mentor Marta Jovanovic, the initiator of PerformanceHUB program.

Photos: Ljiljana Bozovic
Design dresses: Sara Jovanovic