Graduate performance Comfort by Sara Kostić

23-07-2016 to 24-07-2016

Young Serbian artists Sara Kostić performed “Comfort” at the Belgrade gallery Kolektiv. In a 24 hour piece, Kostić built a bed from sugar.“Comfort” is her PerformanceHUB program graduation performance. Audience could watch the performance in the gallery during opening hours on Saturday July 23, 2016 from noon to 6pm, the rest of the performance could be seen through the gallery window as well as via livestream on the Gallery 12 HUB web site. Performance started at 10am on July 23 and ended at 10am on July 24.

Through this performance, the artist aimed to depict todays consumer society that is incapable to find comfort outside the phisical form. Sugar is, except in a symbolic sense, taken as an important ingredient in our society and as a subject of much controversy because of his influence on the changes of the human body.

Biography of the artist:

Sara Kostić received her Masters degree from the School of Architecture in Belgrade. As a performance artist, she will participate at the prestigious Venice International Performance Art Week in December 2016. Performance “Comfort” is her graduation performance from PerformanceHUB, a year long certificate performance art program founded by the artist Marta Jovanovic in collaboration with the Gallery 12 HUB in Beogradu.