Call for participation in the third cycle of the NELT educational program

The call for participation in the third cycle of the NELT Educational Program (NEP) for students was launched, which Nelt realizes in cooperation with Nova Iskra and G12 HUB and is supported by a large number of faculties of the Belgrade University. The competition for the whole-year non-formal education program is open until October 9, 2017, and students from all private or state faculties from the territory of Serbia who are over 19 years old can apply via the link

Within the third NEP cycle, 25 selected students will have the opportunity to develop practical skills in the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as to expand their aspects in terms of critical thinking, team work and project development. From economics and entrepreneurship, through critical theory, activism and cultural management to dramatic arts, designs and new technologies, participants will go through a unique experience of cooperation and knowledge, which this year takes place under the slogan "THINK FUTURE!". Reflecting on contemporary concepts and preparing young students for their future career paths is at the heart of this program.

"The NELT educational program is an initiative based on the belief that an important segment in youth education is introducing and working with interspersed professionals of various profiles, team work and direct experience of intersectoral cooperation and mentoring work. This unique partnership between our company and civil society organizations has confirmed for years that it is also possible for young people to open a place for creative and professional self-realization "- said Marko Milanković, Communications Manager of Nelt Group who has traditionally invested in the development and education of young people in society.

Throughout the program, through the learning, working and exchange of experiences with prominent lecturers (artists, theoreticians, scientists, business experts ...) from Serbia and the region, they will improve their knowledge and support mentors from the lecturers and representatives of NELT to some of them turn their ideas into concrete projects with a perspective of realization.

Only complete competition applications will be considered. Additional materials (examples of works or portfolio) should be sent to e-mail with a note - "NELT educational program 2017".

All applicants will be notified of the results of the first election round by 12th October 2017 at the latest. Interviews with short-listed candidates will be conducted in the period from 16th to 19th October, 2017 in the premises of Nova Iskra, after which the list of selected NELT educators for this year will be published.

Milica Pekić (Gallery 12 HUB), Nana Radenković, Relja Bobić (Nova Iskra), Marko Milanković (NELT), Dragana Krtinić and Petar Laušević (participants of the previous two cycles of NEP) will decide on the final selection of the participants. The program is free for all participants, and will officially begin with the first meeting of the participants and the first public lecture to be held on October 26th in Nova Iskra.

NEP is realized through the cooperation of the companies Nelt, Nova Iskra and G12 HUB, through which about 50 young people who had the opportunity to work with prominent artists from abroad, but also to visit numerous creative studies and initiatives in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. What kind of experience does it take to participate in NEP, look at the short retrospective of the second cycle realized in 2016:

Nelt Co., the leading company in the region in the field of distribution, logistics services and trade marketing, is part of the Nelt Group, which connects 12 companies in the territory of Southeast Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa with about 3,800 employees. Nelt's social responsibility strategy is aimed at working with young, talented people whose creative spirit, a positive attitude and a desire for improvement in relation to the core values of the company.

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