BUG 4/2

16-02-2015 to 28-02-2015

Participants: Aleksandar Igrošanac, Aleksandra Latkovska, Antonia Božanić, Ema Teokarević, Jelena Nikolić, Maja Ðorđević, Miloš Čolić, Mirjana Marković, Mirza Dedać, Sanja Ćopić, Tijana Radenković and Marija Kadelburg.

Bug 4/2 is an exhibition of student works created within the Department for “Transmedia Research” in 2013 and 2014. The exhibition is fourth in a row, and it is organized with the idea to present this program of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade to the public. The program is supported and often moderated by local artists, scholars and representatives of international scene. which contributes in profiling and articulation of the program. The selection of this year's works is defined by proposals of students who are focused on several themes that converge to each other and are related to the construction of identity, in relation to digital culture and electronic media.