Vladimir Bjeličić

Vladimir Bjeličić (1983) is primarily a cultural worker. By profession an art historian, he is actively engaged in art criticism, as well as curatorial and artistic practice. Basically, all of his work evolve around politics of representation of  corporeality in contemporary art, especially in the domain of video art and performance.

Body as Regime
Body as a Regime is a project in progress which focuses on research and mapping of the representations of corporeality in the local artistic practices. Representation of the body is one of the commonplaces in art history. However, the canonical representations of the human (or non-human) body have been moderated by both religious and (since the eighteenth century) scientific discourse (anthropology, biology, sociology, psychology), which favored the production of knowledge by the principle of exclusion of the Other.

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Mirko and Slavko
Photo performance whose main protagonist was actually me functions as a re-enactment of Mirko and Slavko comic, but in the altered context of erased illegal emotions which were definitely present amongst members of partisan units. Fictional and iconic characters of brave partisans were placed in a peculiar situation of homoerotic relationship in leisure which that takes place one month before the offensive on the mountain. However, having in mind that so-called Other histories weren’t written and that historians in the former Yugoslavia almost did not deal at all with queer motifs of National Liberation War, on these particular photographs only one of the partisans is shown. That is why on symbolical grounds this composition undermines invisibility and isolation of alternative sexual identity and behavior in a given frame. Additional segment of the work is a video called Po šumama i gorama/ Over forests and mountains (name of famous partisan song), woven out of static frames of Koazara nature.