Tijana Radenković

Born 1991 in Kraljevo. 2009 she enrolled in the Faculty of Fine arts, at the University of Arts, Belgrade. 2012. got Bachelor’s degree in the class of prof. dr Čedomir Vasić, Master studies finished 2014. in the class prof. dr Mileta Prodanović. Now she is on a PhD studies at the  Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in the country and abroad. He lives and works in Belgrade.

Artist’s portrait
Current state / Artist’s collection
2016, spatial installation
Photo documentation in archival boxes

Project "Current state" represents an archive of personal belongings of the artist through photographs. Taking object created in the process of mass production, is a general act which is characteristic of the process of creating personal collection. Personal things in this case are referred to as "objects" are listed by numbers, stored in a particular category. Through this process it becomes depersonalized, transformed into photographic documents that resemble examples from the catalog of consumer culture, so the observer in the most cases identify with them. This archive works in a particular space and time, these objects are private, but this act cease to be and become objects of universal significance. This in many ways raises many questions, and it is related to social, economic, consumer but also a political aspect.
Portrait of MCAB
2014, spatial installation and photo documentation
Bacterias on agar plates

The work "Portrait of MCAB" is not only about the issue of Museum as a space, which has been closed for some time; it is also about Museum s existence in time, as well as the biological aspect. Given that I have not had a chance to visit the interior of the Museum, neither when it was open for public nor now, I can infer that I  do  not have a relationship with it, and see it merely as one building in line building  rotting away in Belgrade. The issue of time imposes itself repeatedly, and brings me to wonder whether this building could in anyway be alive to me. This is the reason I decided to take a swab off the building as the only way to interact with it, but also to bring to light that no matters just how much we thought the Museum was dead, it occasionally and temporarily comes to life like this.
Artist’s book
2013, photography, artist book

This work is based on collecting various damages of skin, of people who are in some sort of contact with the author. In this way, through photography, and brief notes of the same, I have done the archiving process of human skin as portraits through rejecting any kind of emotion. The work is conceived as a kind of the scrapbook that is constantly upgraded.