Marta Jovanović

“Jovanović is truly an artist of the twenty-first century. She can no longer call one country home, after living in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Her practice moves effortlessly between performance, sculpture, video and installation. She is interested in the legacy of feminism, but she also has deep admiration for her male forbears. Are these contradictory stances? They should not be. For identity today is a shifting and transforming process, rather than a fixed state. What is more enlightening is to understand that the post-feminist condition allows for a personal quantification of identity, one that is not forced or assigned. This is what our feminist predecessors fought for so bitterly—for our generation to have freedom to make our own choices about our bodies, our art, our lives.” Kathy Battista - Performing the Self

Beauty of Tight Binding
Through performance " Twelve " Jovanovic tempts to physically capture the low number of students which will eventually bring to closing of the school unless something radically changes sooner rather then later. By drawing the outline of the shape of her feet on the ground, the artist points to the empty space on the playground in front of the school that should be teeming with pupils in action.

Photo by Marija Konjikusic
Love and hate, attraction and repulsion, pain and lust, peace and war are concepts that, even though diametrically opposed to each other, are inextricably linked. One often leads to the other, one cannot exist without the other. - Anja Foerschner
Marta Jovanovic performed “Motherhood” as a contemplation of her life choices and her status as a woman artist in a patriarchal world. Having just gone through a fundamental transformation in her personal life, which forced her to reevaluate her path, her past and her future, she had to choose, once again, between society’s vision for a woman and her own way. - Anja Foerschner
UNIFORMA is a two year performance art piece as of January 1, 2016. Marta Jovanović wears it in all work related occasions for the duration of 2 years. Over 100 volunteers from arts and culture (will) wear it for variable time periods unit the end of 2017. UNIFORMA is an elementary piece of clothing made for work and stands for pro-valor of unseen and unrecognized labor pro-responsibility towards oneself and others.