Jelena Mijić

Born in 1989 in Novi Sad, lives in Belgrade. She finished her Master's degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She is using classical and traditional methods in painting creation, such as two-dimensional substrates in the form of canvas, pencil drawings, oil painting technique, pleasant aesthetic and handmade in the works based on randomness, game, bug and participation of the audience and passers-by.

32 sqaures on the wall
Lottery Paintings
2 images, graphite and oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

The focus in “Lottery paintings” is on interaction of art with the audience, especially at the performative level. Main components of the work are two oil on canvas paintings, one painted beforehand, by the author, and the other, painted by the audience following written instructions during the exhibition. The paintings are divided into 3600 fields each, and the field to be colored is decided by drawing a paper with the field’s number on it, while the color is determined by tossing a die.
I started to build this photo series spontaneously. On every roll of lm I have ever shot there have been a few shots which were totally di erent then I had imagined they would be at the moment I was taking them and while wai ng to develop and scan the lm. The main reason for this is my clumsy handling of the equipment. On most of these photos - the main reason I have taken them is unclear or totally missing, but I’ve kept them because for me they s ll represent the exact moments I intended to capture.
Traveling drawings
These drawings appear quite independently of me, almost automatically, the only thing I do is put a piece of paper into my pastels box, pick it out after a while and storage it in an envelope. On the envelopes I note down in which period and on which spa al relations did certain drawing appear. At the very beginning of this work reason to change a paper was every new travel, but later I started to replace the papers every time when something what is very important for me personally happens. In some way they became my diary, documenting certain periods of my life, although they are very similar.