Bojana Knežević

Bojana S. Knezevic – Interdisciplinary artist active in the field of video, performance, film, sound art, audio-visual installations and art education. She finished BA and MA studies (New Media Visual Arts) at the Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Novi Sad. Currently she is Ph.D. student at the Interdisciplinary arts studies, University of Arts in Belgrade. Founder of NGO Femkanje. Lives and works in Belgrade.

Belgrade – Life or Death
2014, experimental documentary

Director, producer and editor: Bojana S. Knežević
Writer and protagonist: Maja Atanasijević
Cinematographer: Aleksandar Ramadanović
Sound design: Predrag Šestić

“The film follows a famous model and stylist Maja Atanasijevic in her lonely, but intense struggle to brink back forgotten values of a city “Through a form of experimental documentary / video easy and its trailer, this project is conceived to test the environment about specific topic – erosion of cultural values of the capital city and its causes. An intimate story about Belgrade (then and now), told by a famous model and stylist Maja Atanasijević, is followed by her eccentric performances in the public space.
Perfect Man
2012, short documentary

Director, editor and camera: Bojana S. Knežević
Music: Damjan Loš “Gej Lepotan”
Graphic design: Jelena Drobac
Sound postproduction: Ivan Kadelburg

Four young gay men from Serbia anonymously share their fantasies about the perfect man. This short film is an honest story about love and passion – told by those who have to hide it.The Perfect Man is created as a series of video confessions, about a seemingly harmless topic, which in their visualization and content provide an overview of the position of LGBT community in Serbia.
4 Look at You
2011, 11 – channel video installation

Sound design: Anton Bereš, Bojana S. Knežević, Jana Marinkov (singer)

This project is based on exploration of the concept of fear visualization, therefore methods of its evocation through contemporary audio-visual media. Performers (Children theatre Happy Turtle): Krsman Bajič, Andrej Beljanski, Danilo Pivac, Luka Novković, Sergej Gluščević, Pavle Hrnčić, Mateja Dikosavljević, Teodora Madžarac, Nikola Naglić, Nađa Ilić, Maša Ludoški, Laura Todorović, Marko Ćirilović Camera: Aleksandar Ramadanović