Aleksandra Kovačević

Aleksandra Kovacevic (1989) has finished her MA studies in Transmedia Research on Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. She mostly creates in a sphere of  a internet related art and she writes for ''Supervizuelna'' magazine about contemporary art. Currently works and lives in Belgrade.


Both Art and Artist Should Be Beautiful
2014, installation
3 videos, loop
3 paintings, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
3 drawings, pencil on paper, 100 x 100 cm

Work is consisted of three paintings (made by combing), three drawings made as a frottage of those paintings and three videos showing the process of producing them.   Extreme slowness and monotony of videos should evoke constant repetition and absurdity in schemes present in different social constructs. At the same time pictorial and tactile features of the work should seduce audience on the aesthetical level.
I Feel Your Pain
2016, multimedia, performance

This work was ordered by marketing agency McCann as a portrait of Angelina Jolie, who was selected as one of 10 millennials' most loved role models in Serbia, due to a research this marketing agency conducted as a part of a project McCann Truth Central. This work consist of a 1:1 water transfer set of most prominent Angelina Jolie's tattoos with a liftlet describing every tattoo and its meaning. Tattoo collection is a very tangible tool for observance of her transformation from rebellious actress obsessed with startling and prone known for her destructive love affairs in the mother figure of six children entirely dedicated to family and humanitarian work.
2015, video

Through a complex system of references I try to relativize the existence of fixed boundary between different aspects of my personality and demystify, for the artist assumed romanticized vision of themselves. I tried to literally bring my train of thoughts during a limited time interval, while the text provides information highly personal nature, video with its speed, intensity and poor image quality, plaster observers in the processing of that information.